At Broadway East we are extremely proud of our school, its work and its outcomes for all children. We work hard to create and sustain a warm, welcoming and caring atmosphere within which staff, pupils, their families and visitors to the school feel accepted and secure. The very positive and inclusive ethos is characterised by excellent relationships within school and between the school and each child’s home.


Our most recent Ofsted report said that…


“Pupils from a variety of backgrounds and with different needs work extremely well together within a very supportive environment.”


“A welcoming, supportive ethos is evident across all areas of the school. Pupils, parents, teachers and governors are all proud to be part of the school community. Everyone genuinely cares about the school and values the excellent nurturing and inclusive environment it provides.”


“Good use is made of additional resources, such as the pupil premium funding, to support pupils in a variety of ways, including through one-to-one help and homework clubs. As a result, the gap in the achievement and progress of some groups of pupils, including those with special education needs, with those of others is closing. Systems to monitor pupil achievement and progress are good. Regular pupil progress meetings between senior leaders and class teachers highlight the on-going progress of all pupils. As a result pupils with specific needs are identified and they receive additional support.”


To learn more about the provision we offer for children with SEND, please click the links on the left to access the pages.  Or alternatively, you can download this information using the link below.


In addition, the school accessibility plan is available below; it can also be found in the policies section of the website:


The information in this section of the school website was reviewed and updated in June 2016. 

The next review will be in June 2017, at the latest.