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Staff List

Ms Helen McKenna

Head Teacher

Mr Gary Burnett

Deputy Head, Class 7 Teacher and Lead for Maths, ITT, Geography and KS2

Mrs Sue Ward

Class 4 (Year 2) Teacher, Assistant Head and SENDCo

Miss Emilie Bommel

Reception Blue Teacher and Lead for music and history

Miss Erin Campbell

Class 5 (Year 3) Teacher and PSHE Lead

Mrs Fiona Jones

Class 2 (Year 1) Teacher - Monday to Thursday. Lead for Eco, Science and DT

Mrs Katharine McMeekan

Class 6 (Year 3/4) Teacher and Geography Lead

Mrs Sally McMillan

Class 3 (Year 1/2) Teacher and Lead for PE

Mrs Kathryn Rawling

Class 2 (Year 1) Teacher (Fridays)

Miss Rebecca Storey

Reception Red Teacher and lead for Early Years and computing

Mrs Heidi Walker

Class 7 (Year 4) Thursday & Friday - Teacher and Lead for Art and MFL

Mr Robert Scott

Facilities Manager (Caretaker)


School Chef


School Dog and everyone's friend

Mrs Sarah Lancaster

School Business Manager

Mrs Andrea Whatnell

School Administrative Assistant

Mrs Sri Bethanabatla

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Nina Bigg

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Suzanne Gorman

Teaching Assistant and Midday Assistant

Mrs En-Ju Liu

Midday Assistant

Mrs Lynn Mingoia

HLTA and Reading Champion

Mrs Rachel Sutton

Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisor

Mrs Suzanne Watson

Teaching Assistant and Midday Assistant

Mrs Emily Watson de Francisco

Teaching Assistant

Miss Lorna Wilson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Claire Jones

Midday Assistant

Mrs Carolyn Onions

Midday Assistant

Mrs Roksana Rutherford

Midday Assistant

Mrs Sandra Shevill

Midday Assistant