School Aims, Ethos and Values

Aims and Ethos
Our aims were established by parents, governors, staff and children. These aims, our Secrets of Success and our Golden Rules set out the principles and guidance through which we strive to make our school a place where everyone can thrive and learn together. Our aims can be summarised in six key words; we want our children to be:
Cooperative and Considerate
Reflective and inquisitive
Motivated and Confident
We believe that positive, caring and strong relationships underpin and set the ethos of the Broadway East First School family. We value every member and we work together to promote the values of respect, tolerance, understanding and cooperation. 
Everyone in our school family knows that we have to work hard if we want to improve our learning and our school, we want everyone to have the positivity and resilience to strive to get better and learn new things every day.
The full and detailed aims can be seen below.
The Golden Rules
The Golden Rules underpin our behaviour policy and are used to help everyone to work together safely and to develop a sense of responsibility for our actions.
The Secrets of Success
The Secrets of Success help us to develop positive learning behaviours including perseverance, resilience, confidence, tenacity, questioning, reflection, collaboration, exploration... We talk about the Secrets of Success in assemblies and we link positive learning behaviours to rewards and targets.
Broadway East First School Aims
(Developed by Staff, Governors and Pupils)

Our pupils become confident, motivated, cooperative, considerate, reflective and inquisitive as a result of our school:

  • Providing a happy, safe, secure and well ordered environment;

  • Valuing and continuously promoting a love of learning;

  • Providing a relevant and stimulating curriculum which encourages creative thinking, problem solving and enterprise to build skills and knowledge;

  • Valuing and ensuring the highest possible achievements in all aspects of the curriculum and school life for all learners;

  • Rewarding success and celebrating achievement;

  • Ensuring equality of opportunity, respect for all and tolerance for difference;

  • Believing in and fostering an ethos of high expectations and high self esteem for all;

  • Encouraging and supporting the continuing professional development of all staff;

  • Working with parents and carers as partners in their child’s education;

  • Working with all stakeholders and outside agencies in order to safeguard children and provide the best chances of success for all;

  • Working together to ensure continuity and utilise all skills;

  • Supporting learners in their development of understanding right and wrong, self discipline and the respect for the rights and needs of others;

  • Encouraging all to become independent decision makers;

  • Preparing children to become global citizens and to achieve economic well being; and

  • Being proud of our school, its work and its community.