Staff List

  • Ms Helen McKenna

    Head Teacher

  • Mr Gary Burnett

    Deputy Head, Class 7 Teacher and Lead for Maths, ITT, Geography and KS2

  • Mrs Sue Ward

    Class 4 (Year 2) Teacher, Assistant Head and SENDCo

  • Miss Emilie Bommel

    Reception Blue Teacher and Lead for music and history

  • Miss Erin Campbell

    Class 5 (Year 3) Teacher and PSHE Lead

  • Mrs Fiona Jones

    Class 2 (Year 1) Teacher - Monday to Thursday. Lead for Eco, Science and DT

  • Mrs Katharine McMeekan

    Class 6 (Year 3/4) Teacher and Geography Lead

  • Mrs Sally McMillan

    Class 3 (Year 1/2) Teacher and Lead for PE

  • Mrs Kathryn Rawling

    Class 2 (Year 1) Teacher (Fridays)

  • Miss Rebecca Storey

    Reception Red Teacher and lead for Early Years and computing

  • Mrs Heidi Walker

    Class 7 (Year 4) Thursday & Friday - Teacher and Lead for Art and MFL

  • Maggie

    School Dog and everyone's friend

  • Miss Lorna Wilson

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Sri Bethanabatla

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs En-Ju Liu

    Midday Assistant

  • Mrs Sarah Lancaster

    School Business Manager

  • Mrs Andrea Whatnell

    School Administrative Assistant

  • Mrs Nina Bigg

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Suzanne Gorman

    Teaching Assistant and Midday Assistant

  • Mrs Lynn Mingoia

    HLTA and Reading Champion

  • Mrs Rachel Sutton

    Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisor

  • Mrs Suzanne Watson

    Teaching Assistant and Midday Assistant

  • Mrs Andrea Wingate

    HLTA and Pastoral Champion

  • Mrs Sandra Shevill

    Midday Assistant

  • Mrs Tahmida Shahid

    Midday Assistant

  • Mrs Roksana Rutherford

    Midday Assistant

  • Mrs Claire Jones

    Midday Assistant

  • Mr Ivor Brown


  • Mrs Susan Clark

    School Cook

  • Mrs Carolyn Onions

    Midday Assistant